Grow and Scale Partners with Klue

Dejan Gajsek
Dejan Gajsek
December 18, 2023

Grow and Scale Partners with Klue

Calgary, 2023/12/07 – Grow and Scale, a specialized service in B2B tech competitive enablement and intelligence, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Klue, a renowned competitive intelligence platform. This collaboration marks a significant step in Grow and Scale's mission to provide top-tier competitive intelligence research and enablement materials to sales-led B2B technology companies.

About Grow and Scale

Grow and Scale has established itself as a pivotal player in starting and managing Competitive Enablement programs. Specializing in comprehensive competitive intelligence research, Grow and Scale transforms competitive data into actionable insights, aiding marketing, product, customer success, and sales teams in confidently navigating the market. Their expertise in creating up-to-date, on-brand sales and marketing collaterals like battlecards and competitive newsletters sets them apart in the industry.

About Klue

Klue stands out as a smart competitive intelligence tool that simplifies the collection, organization, and sharing of key intelligence assets. Its platform ensures that teams have easy, efficient, and secure access to essential sales materials, including battlecards, competitor comparisons, and win-loss data.

The Partnership

The partnership between Grow and Scale and Klue emerged from a shared goal to deliver the best information and materials to clients rapidly and efficiently. Klue's platform complements Grow and Scale's expertise in turning reliable data into valuable enablement content, thereby enhancing the customer experience and competitive edge.

Benefits for Customers

Clients of Grow and Scale will now enjoy an enriched customer experience with the option to opt-in for a Klue account. Grow and Scale will assist in monitoring, analyzing, and curating content from Klue, ensuring clients have access to the most relevant and impactful competitive intelligence.

"This collaboration with Klue is a testament to our dedication at Grow and Scale to provide comprehensive, effective, and useful solutions for competitive enablement. Together, we're setting a new standard in strategic support for B2B tech firms." — Dejan Gajsek, co-founder, CEO

Looking Ahead

Grow and Scale and Klue are committed to exploring further avenues of collaboration to continue delivering unparalleled competitive intelligence and enablement services.

For more information about this partnership or inquiries, please contact:

Dejan Gajsek at

This partnership represents a significant advancement in the field of competitive intelligence and enablement. Grow and Scale and Klue are poised to redefine the standards of strategic support in the B2B technology sector, offering clients an unmatched competitive advantage.

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