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Win More Sales

Gain Clarity

Learn how to find, collect, and analyze data you find internally or in public places. You’ll use it to learn about the competitors and yourself!

Find Your Edge

Turn all your data into insights, and repackage it in a format your salespeople understand. By helping them with more deals, you’ll be their biggest support hero.

Close More Deals

By enabling and helping sales, you will be one of the main players in getting more revenue for the company. If you know how to do it right for one of your competitors, then you can do it for another… and another… and another.

Become a Better Fit

As product marketers in the tech space, you know there’s a lot of competition out there. And let’s be honest - the competitors have amazing products as well. The solution your prospects are making is not about who’s better, but who can be a better fit. To do that you must understand your positioning, your customers and  your strengths, and your relation against the competitors.

In the 7-day Enablement Program with Battlecards, you will learn:

How to find out who’s your biggest threat (using your internal data)
How to gather information in-house and find relevant online intel
How to build your first battlecard your sales reps will love to use
How to track and measure the effectiveness of your work
How to update and optimize your enablement work
How to scale your initial success

Take the 7-day Enablement Program with Battlecards and start gaining momentum, earn more revenue, and support your sales and product teams.

Working with Grow + Scale has been such a valuable service - from improving content to staying on top of the competition - they can help you scale and up level all your content and competitive needs. Grow + Scale is instrumental for any compete, product marketing or sales program looking to be on the cutting edge of content quality and delivery - and guaranteed to enable your sellers to win more.

Clara Smyth
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Competitive Intelligence Team, Slack

Grow and Scale created an end to end content campaign for our Windows 8 sunsetting GTM. The work was thorough and most importantly really dove deep into understanding our customers behavior and what a great journey would look like for them. All of their work was used globally by the sales teams because of its high quality and clarity.

Masha Reutovski
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

The name Grow + Scale says it all, they are not a vendor, they are a trusted partner and advisor. No idea is too big or too small. The Grow + Scale team approaches every request with consistent enthusiasm, urgency, and attention to detail. I bring them what I would like the end result to be and they determine the best way to create visually appealing and engaging content. If you need a partner to help you take your content to the next level, Grow + Scale is that partner.

Jennifer Johnson
Senior Corporate GTM Lead, Slack

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